US government at war with Islamic State militants on Twitter

US government is waging a propaganda war on Islamic State militants, using Twitter as its battleground.

The US government is directly engaging with Islamic State extremists on Twitter

When America isn’t waging an actual war with Islamic State militants, it’s waging a less bloody war on Twitter.

An account – @ThinkAgain_D OS- set up by the US government spends its days communicating directly with militants, trying to counter their propaganda by pointing out lies and trickery, and trying to show that the Islamic State is killing many innocent muslims.

In one tweet, government officials point out that a photo that militants are using to criticise US-backed military brutality is actually taken from a Hungarian porn film. Awkward.
@Dawl a__acco unttThe middle photo is taken from Hungarian porn. Stop using fake photos to “trick” people into supporting your lost cause.— Think AgainTurn Away

(@ThinkAgain_DOS) November 18, 2014
It’s unusual for governments to engage with militants on social media in this way, but it demonstrates how important cyberspace is as a propaganda battleground.

When it’s not taking control of swathes of Syria and Iraq, the Al Qaeda-inspired Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has been promoting its cause aggressively through social media to try and recruit fighters and attract funding.

Now the US State Department is fighting back. Check out the next few tweets to see how government officials are criticising the ISIS narrative.

People are deluded with the campaign: #NotIn MyNam eISLAMIC STATE dont do what they do in any of our names. They do it: #InThe NameOf Allah— Abdul Hadee (@ibnabdulmajid) November 4, 2014
@iswor dpress1 4Desperate attempt by #ISISto make themselves look like “champions” of the people, when they’re really ruthless predators.— Think AgainTurn Away

(@ThinkAgain_DOS) November 18, 2014
@NinjaI gaWitn essTaking unarmed, non-combatants captive then executing them is a sign of #ISISstrength & prowess? Hardly— Think AgainTurn Away

(@ThinkAgain_DOS) November 18, 2014
“The goal of this is to… point out the fallacies of what they’re talking about, point out the inconsistencies, point out how this is contrary to Islam and make very clear what this group is so people don’t join it,” government spokeswoman Marie Harf said of the initiative.

At the same time in the UK, David Cameron has been callingon internet providers to do more to stop terrorists from spreading evil messages over the web.

Intelligence agencies have been removing hate content every 10 minutes, and the major ISPs have agreed to make it easier for people to report extremist content.


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