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EDL member ASKS to be sent to prison after pelting police with bricks, bottles and cans

Originally posted on Liverpool Antifascists:
Andrew Edge chanted ‘EDL, EDL’ as he was led away from the dock following his trial in Birmingham – he was one of three men found guilty of violent disorder Jailed: Andrew Edge asked to…

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Videos: watch tiger playing and attacking a man inside enclosure in Delhi zoo.

Originally posted on Ramblings:
The man had accidentally slipped into the tigers enclosure while he was taking snaps balancing on the boundary wall. The tiger played with the quarry for full 10 minutes before grabbing him by the neck and…

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Iraqi Military Helicopter Shot Down by Islamic State Militants

Islamic State militants have shot down an Iraqi military helicopter using a rocket launcher, it has been reported. The pilot and co-pilot of the Mi-35 aircraft were killed when the helicopter was brought down between the towns of Beiji and … Continue reading

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Guntanamo is human disgrace says Urugay president.

Uruguay President Jose Mujica called the Guntanamo detention center used to hold terrorism suspects after the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks a “human disgrace.” Uruguay President Jose Mujica on Friday rebutted opposition criticism of his decision for the country to accept … Continue reading

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Yemen: An interview with Houthi leader Mohammed Al Bukhatii.

Al Jazeera: When will the Houthis withdraw from the capital? Mohammed al-Bukhaiti:We will only do this when the government is formed. We have made it clear in the agreement that we will do so once there is a government that … Continue reading

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The plight of Europe’s unwanted Muslim migrants – Features – Al Jazeera English

Lesvos, Greece-A police car pulls up to the PIKPA youth centre on the Greek island of Lesvos to drop off a new batch of “irregular” migrants. Most of them are ethnic Hazaras from Afghanistan, and they are fresh off the … Continue reading

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