Syrian Jihadis ‘Give Advice’ to the Rebels of Ukraine And Venezuela on Facebook

The Muslim Issue

Ever wonder why Putin got involved…? Well, here it is.


Ukrainian Revolution On Syrian Facebook Pages: Advice From Syrian Rebels To Ukrainian Rebels

The revolution in Kiev has been widely covered in the Arab press, which compared it to the Syrian revolution and called the Ukraine another arena, in addition to Syria, of the cold war between Russia and the U.S.[1] Concurrently, the Ukrainian revolution was also highlighted on Syrian Facebook pages, especially those of many Syrian citizens. They likewise drew similarities between their revolution and that of the Ukrainian people, but the tone taken by most of them was humorous or sarcastic.

Thus, for example, Syrian activists from Homs started a virtual Facebook event titled “Give Advice To The Rebels Of Ukraine And Venezuela.” The page received many “likes” and thousands of Syrian oppositionists filled it with advice (most of it sarcastic) for Ukraine’s rebels based on…

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