Israel has no right to self defence: Prince Saud Al Faisal

Israel as an occupying force has no right to self-defense.

Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud Faisal has said that the actions of the Palestinian resistance group, Hamas, cannot be equated with Israel’s mass killings.
Addressing a press conference after chairing an extraordinary meeting of the foreign ministers of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) in Jeddah on Tuesday, Prince Saud Al-Faisal slammed Israel for committing crimes against humanity.
“You cannot equate the actions of Hamas and Israel, either in scale or in substance,” he said in response to a question on whether Hamas had taken adequate steps to seek a peaceful resolution of the current conflict. “It is not fair, there is no way you can put the two together.”
“How can you say that Israel has a right to defend itself when it is the occupier and you do not give the same right to Hamas?” he said.
“When Hamas fires rockets, it is considered a terrorist while Israel, which thinks it has the moral right to kill hundreds and thousands of Palestinians in response to one soldier, is not? Where is the justice?”
Prince Saud said Israel was an occupying force that had stolen the territory of the Palestinians.
“Israel wants to destroy and kill an entire population so that it can steal more land,” he said. “Israel does not have the right to self defense as an occupier. There is no law, there is no international law, that says an occupier has a right to self defense.”
He said Israel must reach a peace agreement with the Palestinians if it is to survive as a nation.
“Israel has to realize that peace is the only solution for its survival,” he said.
“As we see, Israel does not shy away from taking its terror to any level in order to achieve its goals with total disregard for any laws, rules, religious edicts or humanitarian considerations.”
In his opening address at the OIC headquarters on Jeddah’s famous Madinah Road, the seasoned foreign minister criticized Muslims for being divided.
“Has not Israel been encouraged to commit its crimes against the Palestinian people by what it is seeing of weakness of the nation because of its breakdown, divisions and the spread of sedition?” he asked.
Quoting a Qur’anic verse, Prince Saud said God would not change the destiny of a community unless and until it takes the lead itself.
“This meeting should not be seen as the continuation of previous meetings. This is not a condolence meeting. Now is the time to act as one Ummah,” he said.
He said the Muslim world was like one body. “If one part is affected, the whole body is in pain,” he said. “We need to stand united in confronting Israel. The enemy is taking advantage of our division. When Muslims shed the blood of Muslims, this makes us weak. When one country tries to expand at the expense of other, this creates division, dissension.”
Prince Saud said Saudi Arabia would continue to do its part. He noted that the Kingdom had spared no effort in supporting the Palestinian cause in all international forums.
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