‘US used ISIS as an instrument

The British government stood by the US in supporting anti-government forces in Syria in the last few years, and some of those forces have now spilled over the border into Iraq to fight for the Islamic State. How much of a duty do you think London has to stop the jihadists?
ZA:I think there is a huge body of public opinion that is vehemently opposed to it and fiercely against doing it. They wouldn’t, I mean particularly that Cameron is approaching election time, and we have seen this rejection by the British public in terms of getting involved in Syria. So I wouldn’t really believe that they are willing to take the chance of going that far. However, Americans have basically said that there will be no boots on the ground, and they have actually chosen at the beginning when the ISIS moved into Mosul, moved swiftly towards Baghdad they were very happy to sit on the fence and actually not intervene, and try to use the ISIS or the Islamic State advance as a tool or an instrument to gain more influence in Iraq or to restore and to regain the influence that was waning after their withdrawal from Iraq. It was Obama who actually tried to keep 5,000 or 10,000 forces and had a major change of heart before the withdrawal, and then was forced to do that because as he stated on June 18, when he laid out the new American strategy, saying that we will force out Maliki and he firmly blamed Maliki, saying he wouldn’t grant our forces immunity from prosecution and this is the major conditions, so we have to actually leave. This has been used as basically an instrument to regain and to restore American influence, and to have a major say, if not a final say, in the formation of the new Iraqi government, which should be formed in a way to make sure that this time round Americans will not lose their influence and will have a major say in its formation and to maintain and preserve this time their influence, and actually teaching any future prime minister a lesson that any attempt to stray away from the American influence, the prime minister will have his job on the line or will be replaced because the government that is supposed to be formed will be another weak government.
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I am a lawyer and social activist based in Delhi the capital of India. I report the nuances of our culture and life.
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