Forming new alliances

Forming new alliances
This is with reference to the report “Gaza bleeds, world sleeps” (July 13). It saddens me to see the helplessness of Gazans. I am surprised that many experts — even some Arabs as well — are blaming Hamas for the ongoing conflict. They should not blame Hamas or Gazans. Israel played the drama of the abduction and murder of three teenage settlers and put the entire blame on Palestinians. It is crystal clear that it was all scripted. Israel had been uneasy over the Palestinian reconciliation that resulted in the formation of a unity government. I would like to ask the skeptics that why would Hamas commit such a mistake? At the time of formation of unity government, it had pledged to shun armed tactics. Palestinians know very well that Israel is a militarily superior force and any wrong move could jeopardize the unity government.
The United Nations should pressure Israel to provide incriminating evidence against Hamas. Israel has launched this offensive without any reason. In today’s world it seems that might is always right. This is what happened in Iraq and Afghanistan. And the same thing is happening in Gaza. This is the disadvantage of a unipolar world. Had the US been not the sole superpower, things would have been entirely different. Washington has defended Israeli actions against Gaza. Israel wanted to avenge the deaths of three settlers and so far more than 100 Palestinians have been killed and the number of injured is much higher. Isn’t it time for the world powers to pressure Israel to stop this wholesale slaughter of innocent people?
I wish Muslim countries swing into action and start distancing themselves from the unreliable ally: the United States. They should try to support Russia and China and form a strategic alliance with Moscow and Beijing. A unipolar world is not in the interest of weaker nations. We should think on this issue.


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I am a lawyer and social activist based in Delhi the capital of India. I report the nuances of our culture and life.
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