Uproar over Indian journalist meeting Hafiz Sayed

KARACHI: A meeting between an Indian journalist and Jamaatud Dawa (JuD) chief Hafiz Saeed caused uproar in the Indian Parliament on Monday, according to the Hindustan Times.
Although the Indian government distanced itself from the meeting, the Congress party sought an explanation from the treasury benches over the reported meeting, leading to two adjournments during question hour.
According to reports, Ved Pratap Vaidik, a freelance journalist who is also a close aide of Yoga guru Ramdev, met Saeed in Lahore on July 2 during a visit to Pakistan along other journalists and politicians invited by a peace research institute.
, : http://t.co /xa3t2vmD6H pic.twitter.com/HLh363 Vlpo
— Ved Pratap Vaidik (@DrVaidik) July 14, 2014
Though the government clarified that it had nothing to do with the meeting, Congress members sought a detailed statement on the purpose and motive behind the meeting with Saeed, accused by India as the mastermind of the November 2006 Mumbai attacks.
Members of the opposition called for the journalist to be arrested and said it was a matter of national interest.
During Monday’s session at the Lok Sabha, General Secretary of Congress Digvijaya Singh asked leader of the house and finance minister Arun Jaitley if the meeting had the government’s sanction.
Jaitley responded saying that for India, Hafiz is a terrorist and that the government had nothing to do with “directly, indirectly or even remotely” with any journalist meeting Saeed, the Hindustan Times reported.
Meanwhile, the journalist, Vaidik, said he met Saeed as a journalist for an hour on July 2 in Lahore, during which the JuD chief told him that Narendra was “dangerous and now he has become the prime minister.”


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I am a lawyer and social activist based in Delhi the capital of India. I report the nuances of our culture and life.
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